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Northamptonshire introduces petrol-electric hybrid motorcycles

Anonanon (06/09/22 @ 16:58)

I think the tax payers of Northants will be more interested in keeping an eye on how the force deals with crime across the county rather than this smug waving of green credentials.

Anon (06/09/22 @ 22:59)

Mulligan retired from Northamptonshire nearly a year ago!

Bob (07/09/22 @ 14:00)

One hundred and twelve grands worth of green smugness. Surely cars or vans would be of more practical use?

JD (09/09/22 @ 15:35)

How about concentrating on proper policing rather than jumping on the latest green nonsense

Springbok223 (25/09/22 @ 15:21)

Some people just love to be first to try new things, just to make a name for themselves. Waste of 14K just for a three wheeled toy motorbike.

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