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Viewpoint: No, don’t stop the Carnival, but should we?

Softly Softly (02/09/22 @ 11:13)

A carnival to celebrate Caribbean culture, maybe better located in... shall we say - The Caribbean Islands.

paul webb (02/09/22 @ 11:43)

Sooner or later a disaster will happen at one of these carnivals and as Chris Hobbs rightly states it will the Police getting the blame. Regardless of how many officers you deploy. It only takes the crowd to build up in a congested street someone lets a firework off and panic ensures. Cue a huge crush dozens killed and hundreds injured. Who will be getting the blame the police of course. So ban it now or charge the organisers a proper sum to police it and as they will not able to afford it then it will die a natural death.

retired brief (02/09/22 @ 16:42)

I commented on this street scene in another post on this site saying that if the knives came out officers referred to would have been killed with no chance of assistance arriving Same point made re the possibility of mass death's due to a stampede. It is now time to get real on this massive crime and disorder fest, take the rose tinted glasses off and bin the woke indoctrinated nonesense about racism in every corner. Have a carnival, but have it in an open space in one of the large London Parks where there will be space for genuine revelers to celebrate their culture without the inherent dangers mentioned in the article above. Charge the organisers for police security in the same manner as they do with football clubs, this will force them to be much more responsible on security issues, perhaps with their own stewards.

Jensen2021 (02/09/22 @ 18:33)

100% about the police being blamed if it turned into a huge crush type death situation. The very people who ignored the police injuries, police assisting a pregnant lady, trying to save the life of a young black man, preserving the crime scene, having generally cordial relations with the public; will be the first ones saying how ‘the racist Met allowed young black men to die. Apparently self responsibility means nothing anymore, and why should it when it’s so easy just to blame the police for everything

Squadman (02/09/22 @ 18:57)

Very wise words, Jensen

Fatblurk (04/09/22 @ 13:14)

Surely like any POPS event the organisers should be responsible for overall security and safety. Is there a SAG involved. I wonder how the public of London who don't go to this feel about the fact they pay the policing bill and the knock on costs of the serious crime it elicits every single year.

JD (09/09/22 @ 15:28)

Well past its sell by date

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