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Cressida Dick was subject to “constructive dismissal” says review

Anonanon (02/09/22 @ 14:54)

Sir Tom is clearly not one who has endeared himself to officers over the years but this report, which takes a big aim at the overinflated ego of the tub thumping chancer that KHAN is, gets a big thumbs up from me.

Anonymous (02/09/22 @ 15:44)

Winsor is an utter tool who ingratiates himself with senior officers like dick Sutcliffe etc etc but is happy to stamp on rank and file. I don't usually agree with Khan but on this, he is 1 million % correct.

Springbok223 (02/09/22 @ 16:02)

Dick was weak and just caved in to Khan and went, she should have held out. Khan is nothing but a greasy grubby midget, who rules by his rules. He is a very nasty piece of work who thinks he is God's Gift to Londoners.

Life on Mars (02/09/22 @ 16:12)

I agree - CD should have simply stood her ground and effectively stguck two fingers up to Khan who is exactly as you describe him. She was a Crown agent and not an employee and not subject to employment law. The PCCs and therefore the mayor do have a power but she should have resisted him, made him take whatever legal action he thought best and them made him play his hand and the so called evidence. Politics interfering with policing yet again I am no fan of Tom Winsor but he is a lawyer and he will be 100% right in his report and findings and despite what Kham and others might allege, there was no love lost between her and TW. I wonder what her compensation package will look like - two years loss of salary?

Anthony (02/09/22 @ 16:53)

I hope they kept the receipt.

Squadman (02/09/22 @ 17:32)

Well, I guess it's Good-bye Sir Tom and Hello, Lord Winsor.

Anon (02/09/22 @ 18:23)

Very amusing when one over inflated ego clashes with another - Khan v's Winsor the sequel!

Lamplighter (02/09/22 @ 19:30)

Lamplighter (02/09/22 @ 19:31)

paul webb (03/09/22 @ 17:51)

I may be in the wrong here but I thought the Met commissioner was appointed by the Home Secretary nothing to do with the poison dwarf So if she felt she had to walk and I hope that after this report she is talking to her legal team then a huge payment might be coming her way.

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