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Panel accepts sergeant’s claim sex with woman was not consensual

Anon (02/09/22 @ 18:07)

DCC Watson should be readying her forces finance department to make a very sizeable pay out. The former officer will almost certainly be advised to seek legal redress and compensation.

Anon (02/09/22 @ 18:11)

So acquitted at court and cleared at a disciplinary hearing, yet still DCC Watson insists her and her force / PSD were correct and the court and LQC were wrong. What a lack of respect to the court the judiciary and the LQC. The "I know best arrogance" of some some senior officers is quite breathtaking!

Jensen2021 (02/09/22 @ 18:15)

Another example as to why the ‘unaccountable police officer’ is on the whole laughable. The many bites of the cherry, the many anti police activists/media/solicitors who publicly insist that they must be guilty, then your own senior colleagues still trying to throw you to the lions

Captainover (02/09/22 @ 22:57)

All these people care about is saving their own face.

Treated Like S**t Rat (05/09/22 @ 13:44)

Poor old Nikki WATSON eh..! Proven wrong but can't accept it . Probably still fuming that Sarah got the top job after Andy Pandy , her other half , left for the Cop job. Unlucky girl He was right and the rats at PSD failed to get the scalp that you and them wanted.. Portishead must be having a right laugh now. Get that chequebook out Ladies

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