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Comment: a victim of city hall politics?

NW-Bobby (05/09/22 @ 02:37)

The author seems to have little idea of how policing actually works. The NCA taking over Royalty Protection? There's only one mainstream body with less law enforcement experience than the NCA and that's the IOPC. The NCA was hobbled together from a number of other agencies, given a foggy remit and DRASTICALLY underfunded with I think less than A THIRD of the previous budgets of the agencies amalgamated into it. Mutual aid for London events is hugely disruptive to police officers from other forces and expensive - not to mention the welfare considerations. Westminster Borough in the Met has had on some days 50 different public order events ongoing ranging from 1 man protests at parliament to mobile rallies. To police this on an adhoc basis would be impossible. As for policing the Met as a smaller force; thr Met is already failing BAU policing - less resources are unlikely to have a positive effect.

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