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Relationship between mayors and chiefs needs a reset says staff body

Squadman (05/09/22 @ 12:41)

This is what BoJo did with Ian Blair - so what's different now?

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (05/09/22 @ 13:01)

Would Mayor Khan, have taken this action if there was a labour parliament?.

eightfive (05/09/22 @ 13:52)

Where was CPOSA when the Home Office and every CC job advertisement proudly proclaimed that PCC's 'hire and fire' Chief Constables?

Softly Softly (05/09/22 @ 18:53)

I'm afraid PCC's generally see Chief Constable's as their puppet, pulling their strings and only appointing those who will dance to their tune, hence why so many PCC's appoint an existing deputy of the Force as they've already been tamed.

Anon (05/09/22 @ 20:23)

First NPCC have found a voice and now their staff body! Has the "Worm Turned" against the Tory / Right Wing political machine? Why thesudden change after 12 years of almost total subservience?

retired brief (06/09/22 @ 06:53)

there was an item posted on this site on the 16/03/2021 entitled 'Reform of PCC Role will make Chief Dismissal process Transparent'. ????

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