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“Essex is not soft on illegal protest” says public order lead

Springbok223 (05/09/22 @ 16:54)

Doesn't matter what he says it is weak policing, these people should not be allowed to disrupt or block anything.

paul webb (06/09/22 @ 17:51)

On one level the criticism against the police is fair when the public see these idiots blocking roads causing criminal damage etc and watch the police standing by and even worse asking if they are alright!! On the other hand when faced with the operational and current legal requirements in dealing with mass arrests from having at least 2 officer per prisoner. Transporting to the nearest charge office (custody suite). Good luck with that one. Not many left in many forces outside the main city. Waiting to book your prisoner in. Then having officers start to gather all the evidence that Couldn't Prosecute Satan will demand before even looking at charging any of them. Then waiting to get them into court etc. Pre PACE while policing an anti BNP rally all those arrested were processed and charged in a few hours and were in court the very next day and dealt with. Ah happy days!!

retired brief (07/09/22 @ 16:39)

Paul Webb; absolutely no chance of that now. I remember the time when you arrested a fighting drunk up whilst on night duty in the city. The drunk appeared in court the next morning and the officer had to stay on duty and attend the court, having prepared a resume of evidence with details of the fighting, eyes glazed, breath smelling of alcohol etc. The prosecuting police inspector (pre-CPS) would stand up with your lengthy resume of evidence in his hand and just say 'drunk and fighting your worships', their worships would then just say 'fined £2' and that was it off home to bed to sleep before going on duty that night. No overtime payment, just a court ticket off the prosecuting inspector to show you had been in court and were entitled to time of in lieu of overtime which you were never given. Happy days indeed!

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