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Mayor refuses to comment on severance pay for ex-commissioner

paul webb (06/09/22 @ 17:32)

The poison dwarf sounds a little rattled!! Might he have dropped himself into the brown stick stuff and will be paying a huge wedge out to Cressida Or should I say the London taxpayers will be.

Anon (06/09/22 @ 17:55)

Oh the privileges of rank eh! Can you imagine a Constable, who was treated appallingly by their force and forced out being in a position to negotiate sime kind of severance or compensation package!

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (06/09/22 @ 17:57)

He should be made to pay, not London tax payers

Springbok223 (07/09/22 @ 09:32)

The greasy little Midget cocked up again, nasty little man with little integrity.

Ian (07/09/22 @ 09:58)

The longer this saga drags on, the more inglorious the reputations of all of its protagonists become. There would probably have been more applicants for this role if they had known who lucrative failing in it might be.

Ian (07/09/22 @ 15:02)

"how" lucrative even!

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