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PC dismissed for abusing his position for sexual purpose

Captainover (06/09/22 @ 12:40)

Another beast that shouldn't have been in the job praying on a vulnerable high risk DA victim. The one thing I would say is that Northumbria has had two recent cases where officers have messaged victims on work phones (Which incidentally are monitored by the organisation). The first one, former PC Hopkins, ended up doing porridge for his messaging of victims. This one, McClennan, doing much of the same but manages to escape with the sack rather than being incarcerated. I have never understood why the organisation encourages the use of text messages to victims on officers work phones. If someone wants to make contact it should be done via the police control room or via email and not to individual officers directly as there is a risk that such relationships end up developing by the very informal nature of text messaging. Many officers take their phones home with them and this means that they end up in their personal lives which then puts them at further risk of doing things when they are drunk or in a situation at home. Personal police devices should be left in the lockers of officers at the end of their shift unless they are specifically on call. There are all sorts of data protection issues with officers taking personal work phones home. It is also not good for officer wellbeing taking work phones home and spending days off looking at emails (or texting DA victims as the case may be!). At least the organisation have seen fit to get rid of this predator and the residents of Northumbria can feel safe.

paul webb (06/09/22 @ 17:26)

I am amazed that in this day and age with the CoP edicts on how officers must never even look at a person in certain way let alone contact them if they have met them on duty. That officers are still getting caught doing it. Do they all take a stupid pill or something? The puritans have taken over completely. All officers must be celibate and never enter into any kind of relationship with someone they meet at work. The penalty at the least is the sack and at worst jail time.

Treated Like S**t Rat (06/09/22 @ 20:12)

I have to laugh when I see the "Holier Than Thou" drivel from the two faced turds from the IOPC. Old "John Boy" Walton, still sat in her log cabin in West Virginia dictating to the rest of the country about decisive and consistent action . What an utter joke from a failure of an organisation that takes years to deal with cases they know are a waste of time and effort . About as decisive and coordinated as a "botty burp" in a wind tunnel.

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