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Mental health absences cost Police Scotland £10m in 18 months

retired brief (06/09/22 @ 14:37)

I am sure that this will be replicated across the whole of the UK and is something the we will not tolerate brigade need to get to grips with, rather than creating a climate of fear with gross misconduct kangaroo courts for petty behaviour such as invading some ones space (as reported on this site today) resulting in final written warnings or dismissal.

Anon (06/09/22 @ 18:12)

Retired Brief. Indeed, absolutely replicated all over the UK. Officers are breaking at an alarming rate. Mental ill health is a pressing and immediate crisis facing policing. Interestingly Misconduct and Gross Misconduct allegations dealt with via disciplinary hearings appear to be on the rise, as illustrated in PO. There is almost certainly a correlation between mental illness (diagnosed or not) and a significant proportion of the incidents referred to PSD's for investigation. It currently appears that forces are uninterested in exploring this further and remain blindly wedded to the pure "Holier than Thou" approach at the expense of officers careers and overall organisational morale. I would hope the national Police Federation should commission an academic study in to the matter before we see more officers chucked on the scrap heap!

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