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Three high ranking officers barred following inappropriate behaviour

paul webb (06/09/22 @ 17:18)

Had to laugh" The we will not tolerate" brigade is out again. I can only imagine that a sherry or two had been consumed at this soirée and someone has taken offence at some of the language and behaviour of the three now retired officers who are not allowed to be officers again. Ye Gods I bet all of them have got 30 plus years each. Why would they ever want to put a uniform on again and work for the current crop of po faced puritans .

Anon (06/09/22 @ 17:48)

Very unusual for the We Will Not Tolerate mantra to be applied above Sergeant rank, these three must have been recorded otherwise there is no way it would have got as far as a tribunal. The adavantage always sits with seniority, whatever the DCC has to say on the matter.

Eirian (06/09/22 @ 20:49)

Often wondered, would their pensions be affected?

Anonanon (07/09/22 @ 00:05)

Mmmm...maybe the traditional Teflon worn by upper rank isn't as non-stick as before.

Springbok223 (07/09/22 @ 09:26)

Makes a change to see high ranking officers dismissed, they usually get off with a soft penalty, Horne, and a few others.

Cambridge1947 (07/09/22 @ 12:48)

Gwent clearly need a new press officer. 'Behaviours' is not a plural - it's 'Behaviour'.

Cambridge1947 (07/09/22 @ 12:49)

Gwent clearly need a new press officer. 'Behaviours' is not a plural - it's 'Behaviour'.

retired brief (07/09/22 @ 16:23)

Three members of the we will not tolerate brigade have found out that a few high jinks at a leaving do will not be tolerated anymore, because what was a bit of fun in the old days is now gross misconduct to the winging snowflakes of the modern police, Poor them!

Anonymous (07/09/22 @ 16:42)

They sure TURDED it!!

Jensen2021 (07/09/22 @ 20:00)

I saw this on the BBC news. It made me think of how much genuinely inappropriate behaviour exists in the NHS (I know it exists from NHS family/friends), but from what my friend said, nobody is disciplined and therefore there is no news story. I really think there is far more not just external, but internal scrutiny of the police than say other public services. Therefore, it’s presented that it’s predominantly the police who have issues with inappropriate behaviour. By all means publicise bad police behaviour, police need to be transparent, but the press and public need to realise that it doesn’t just exist there.

Hank (08/09/22 @ 09:18)

Actually, behaviour can be both countable and uncountable. The plural of the countable incarnation of the noun is indeed behavours. https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/behaviour

Chlochindichter (08/09/22 @ 16:59)

This is whay I just love comming on this site now and again, for al the lesons in speling, punktooation, sintax and contekst etc etc.

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