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Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney to leave policing in April 2023

Anon (06/09/22 @ 17:51)

So it will be the DCC then! Already in the fold of the PCC and no doubt "On Message" to her demands.

CS1 (07/09/22 @ 08:15)

What a lazy comment. Do you know here? worked with her? At the moment, the vast majority of officers leave with 30 years service, irrespective of rank. If you're going to criticise, at least offer some relevant evidence.

Springbok223 (07/09/22 @ 09:30)

They will have a job to find someone to fill the post, there are not many out there that have the high quality to lead. Wishing you all the best Hampshire to find a suitable candidate.

eightfive (07/09/22 @ 15:34)

It just so happens that he is superbly qualified and mixes in-depth UK uniform and CID experience with the guts to do a tour of duty in Afghanistan. So, realise that quality counts.

Hank (07/09/22 @ 16:11)

I have a lot of time for Olivia Pinkney, a great CC and popular with her rank and file officers. She will be missed. On the upside, Ben Snuggs is a pretty decent DCC and I think will be a natural successor.

Anon (07/09/22 @ 17:00)

@eightfive. Thanks Ben. No doubt you'll do a great job. I suppose it would be too obvious if you used your real name! Lol...

Mike Hunt (07/09/22 @ 21:28)

How do you get Picachu onto the bus? You Pokemon!

Old Skool Kind of Guy (08/09/22 @ 08:44)

not really interesting news is it?

Proteus (08/09/22 @ 17:36)

highly offensive and not an opinion but character assassination.

Pathfinder1960 (09/09/22 @ 09:55)

It hasn't been linked here but The Chief Constable of Thames Valley is also retiring. Some of the senior officers ACC's in TVP have come from Hampshire so no doubt putting their names in the hat for both forces as TVP & Hampshire have some joint departments. Will be interested on who gets each role.

Hank (09/09/22 @ 13:39)

There's also DCC Maggie Blyth who is with the NPCC as National Lead for VAWG. She came to Hants as a direct entry Supt, so may look to come back as CC.

Anon (09/09/22 @ 16:15)

A strange resemblance to Bernard Hogan Howe in that picture!

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