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New Home Secretary appointed

Anonanon (07/09/22 @ 10:50)

Lets face it, it'll make no difference to the relationship between the Home Office and Police. As the saying goes 'Same horse different jockey' HMG will always need a scapegoat for its own failings and Police will continue to be the bearers of it.

Ian (07/09/22 @ 13:23)

Hopefully this Home Sec will understand the importance of doing that which is lawful over that which is Politically expedient and save the country a fortune in defending legal challenges.

Anon (07/09/22 @ 17:10)

God help us all!!

Springbok223 (08/09/22 @ 15:05)

At least she doesn't have a very 'hard act' to follow, Priti Awful Patel was a dead loss and did nothing of note, except bully people.

JD (09/09/22 @ 15:34)

She has got to be an improvement on Priti bloody useless

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