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Ethical policing is bigger than the code says former head of PSD

Anon (07/09/22 @ 17:08)

Would retired DCS Colin Paine be seeking employment in this field of by chance? A great profile raiser and evidence on a CV, if he should just happen to be in the market!

Anonanon (08/09/22 @ 00:18)

I have read through that a few times now and have no idea what he is trying to say or infer by that waffle. Ethical 'pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct' As our regular customer base don't play by any rules relating to the above our job is to bring them to account and the niceties of our decisions can be decided later. That's what the silent majority of the public want. Policing has always been a hands on, messy business since it started so this esoteric rambling suggests he didn't spend too much time front end.

Annoymous. (12/09/22 @ 22:50)

During my time some of the most unethical and racist cops I met were PSD.

Annoymous. (15/09/22 @ 05:25)

What about the Met Commander Julian Bennett, any update ?

Springbok223 (15/09/22 @ 10:51)

Best thing that ever happened to the Met was the day Bennett retired

Richard (15/09/22 @ 10:56)

DCS Paine is absolutely spot on with this article and captures the current, progressive thinking in terms of ethical policing, in that ethics and ethical policing is aspirational - it is about doing things right or doing them better - and should be completely separate to any professional standards function or investigation. An understanding of ethics and ability to think ethically helps cops make the difficult decisions as they apply the law and procedure in the “messy businessâ€쳌 of policing where “our regular customer base don’t play by the rulesâ€쳌 - they don’t, but we have to, not only as it is the right thing to do in itself, but it is the only way to maintain public confidence.

flip2892 (27/06/23 @ 19:58)

And why is Colin Paine no longer head of TVP PSD? Is it because he sent officers to a full powers Gross misconduct hearing...against the findings of his own PSD investigators...against the findings of his own subject matter experts into use of force...against the subject matter experts findings into use of Taser...he then failed to review the new evidence provided by these experts. A probationary officer would have conducted a better investigation! The officers were personally commended by the legally qualified chair and the panel at the end of the hearing and given CC commendations. He is no longer the head of PSD because he wasn't truthful when asked he stated that he had re-reviewed the case once the additional evidence from his own SMEs had arrived.

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