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Police Scotland denies “operating a travel agency”

Springbok223 (08/09/22 @ 14:56)

I don't think I could see Police Scotland allowing a PC or Sergeant extended leave to fly to OZ. It OK for some!!

Wasacop (09/09/22 @ 10:13)

There's nothing to see here. He paid for his personal travel and had leave granted.

Hank (09/09/22 @ 13:42)

A PC or PS probably wouldn't be in the circumstances where it would be appropriate. Senior leaders have different roles and therefore have different opportunities and requirements.

Anon (09/09/22 @ 16:13)

The same ethics and morals as Boris Johnsons government, so indeed, nothing to see here!

Plod2020 (10/09/22 @ 11:00)

Storm in a teacup - they didn’t try and hide anything and the money owed was paid back.

Springbok223 (10/09/22 @ 15:33)

How long after the trip did he pay back the money for the flight??

Ian (12/09/22 @ 13:42)

Hard to believe that the Fed have time to waste on this given all the real issues their members are wrestling with. The job is hard enough without looking for opportunities to undermine each other from the inside!

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