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Former Dorset officer to pay back £100k for 'unfit to work' fraud

retired brief (12/09/22 @ 10:34)

This behaviour, by a serving police officer, defies belief. Every penny should be recovered in full.

PaulH (12/09/22 @ 11:36)

I feel sure this is not the only such instance across the country.

Mike Hunt (12/09/22 @ 17:01)

Although this matter seems egregious on first reading, I have no doubt that the ex officer was encouraged to act in the manner he did by seeing those around him constantly play the system and exaggerate to benefit themselves. The spectre of such abuse will always be present in the public sector where rather generous sick allowances are the norm and attacks on the public purse are seen as a victimless crime. Whilst maybe not as shocking, Im sure we all can recount instances whereby pregnant females have had such pregnancy related illnesses that they have maximised their paid absence to the very limit, where persons at death door have miraculously recovered the day before they were due to go down to half pay or where certain persons have always had the misfortune of suffering a bad back at the same time each year, perhaps over school holidays.

Anonanon (12/09/22 @ 22:18)

@ Mike Hunt I think all of us who accept that the employment contract in the public sector means we put a shift in for what we're paid for does not hold true for a chunk of those we have 'worked' with. However this is a big step up from throwing strategic 'sickies'. He wasn't even good at it,even tried turning up at court in a wheelchair for the hearings. Deserves what happened to him.

Bob French (13/09/22 @ 17:27)

Good result.

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