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Northamptonshire to launch Roads Policing Team

Anon (21/09/22 @ 18:18)

And the wheel turns once more. Who'd have thought, traffic Dept! Revolutionary.....

NW-Bobby (21/09/22 @ 23:01)

1 and 8 for a county. Itd take nearly an hour on blues to travel from the M40 to The A1. With abstractions likely to run 1-6. I can only assume they will be single crewing. Not much of an investment.

retired brief (22/09/22 @ 10:21)

Oh, they are bringing back the traffic department and I suppose as a further product of this new clear blue-sky thinking, the officers will have white tops on their caps!

Anon (23/09/22 @ 10:25)

It's being re-badged! The old Road Crime Team with a new sign above the door!

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