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Fed says Uplift is "replenishing not increasing" headcount

NW-Bobby (23/09/22 @ 00:07)

The fact is, in 12 years we lost x amount of PCs. The E&W population in 2011 was 56 million and in 2021 it was 59.5 million and by now it’s probably hit 60 million. So that’s a nearly what… rough maths 7-8% population increase. In 2010 we had 141,000 sworn officers for that area and population. In 2022 we are still at 140,000 sworn officers. Yet we have had a population increase the size of West Midlands Police Force area - which takes 7,000 sworn officers to police. So JUST to stand still and get back to the coverage we had in 2010 we would need an establishment of circa 148,000 sworn officers… to tackle the emerging issues of crime and fraud we would need yet higher numbers. We are literally urinating up a wall…

Ian (23/09/22 @ 06:39)

It was glaringly apparent from the moment it was announced that the word "uplift" was a misnomer, intended, some might say cynically, to give the impression that flawed HMG thinking on police reform during austerity was being reversed. To be fair, the messaging has been extremely effective with even CC Hewitt referring to those recruited under this scheme "extra officers" - He and other senior leaders would do us a huge favour by making it clear that they are nothing of the sort and that even 20000 recruits leave us significantly below pre-2010 officer levels, to say nothing of the lost Police Staff. Continuing to refer to "uplift" and "extra officers" gives a very misleading impression to the public, which surely flies in the face of our Code of Ethics.

ASG (23/09/22 @ 10:03)

Politicians don’t get it because they don’t want to get it. Policing is expensive, prosecuting and keeping people in prison is expensive. It’s cheaper to let them go. You could even argue policing is a luxury but the idea of policing with consent is an outdated 1829 political soundbite. If we cannot rely on the public doing their bit we cannot possibly succeed

Anon (23/09/22 @ 10:22)

NPCC ranks propping up the bare faced truth bending of the government. The so called "Uplift" is no such thing, the public know it, everyone in policing knows it and of course the government and those who developed the "Smoke and Mirrors" concept know it!

retired brief (23/09/22 @ 12:41)

Spot on ASG, just look at what is going on in Leicester and spilling over to other areas and in the areas of London with a similar make up of population, no chance of policing by consent there. Fundamental review of policing needed, with I would suggest a national paramilitary force to deal with such mass disorder, stabbing and shooting, before the country totally turns into a third world wreck run by the strongest gangs/community groups.

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