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Walks on the beach and team building boost morale in Northumbria

Ian (22/09/22 @ 13:52)

It speaks volumes about the state of Policing when a Force can be commended for having a shortfall of 60 PIP2 investigators and nearly meeting a 10 day target for an OHU appointment. Spare a thought for those of us policing areas without beaches.

Annoymous. (22/09/22 @ 20:32)

I am yet to be convinced, now retired following an injury and transitioned into a legal career. I have never served in Northumbria. As you would expect I have researched the case law and relevant regulations to injury awards. Northumbria Police stands out as one that treats former injured officers with disdain in my humble opinion. The High Court cases of Simpson, Crudace, Howarth and Fisher. The force also lost a disability discrimination involving former Constable Curry. The force’s Solicitor wrote a guide which I believe is legally flawed. I reserve judgement on Northumbria Police.

Anon (23/09/22 @ 10:17)

When a force is praised for maintaining the numbers required to do the job, then you know Policing is in major crisis! Contracting out occupational health and welfare services is a hugely retrograde step, with services delivered to tight cost targets and almost entirely over the phone! Those working in the private sector, I know laugh at the way policing treats it's officers and staff, yet here they are "patting themselves on the back".

Mike Hunt (23/09/22 @ 11:02)

Whenever I hear of someone doing something different, such as the inspector mentioned above taking his team for a walk, I just think there mist be a promotion board or process coming up soon.

paul webb (23/09/22 @ 20:32)

Us old dinosaurs would go for a couple of beers in the police club and a curry after the quick change following the set of nights. It always seemed to pick us up. However as the tomato juice drinkers closed all the police clubs down officers would now need to go out to a local hostelry and try to relax surrounded by people who have no idea what you have been through for the past week.

Springbok223 (24/09/22 @ 14:07)

...a walk on the beach, I bet they felt 1000% better after that(not).

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