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Sussex apologises in row over transgender sex offender’s status

Springbok223 (28/09/22 @ 12:00)

Time Shiner sorted out Sussex, there appear to have been quite a few problems since she has been Chief. .

Blackstock (28/09/22 @ 12:12)

Not sure why SNP MP Joanna Cherry had to make it all about "women's speech". She clearly has her own agenda and narrative to promote.

ASG (28/09/22 @ 14:00)

Was the comment an official Sussex Police comment or someone acting on their own…. The commentariat went into meltdown about the comment as they do with anything police related or anything that might impact detrimentally on their “ free speech “ revenue stream.

Anonanon (28/09/22 @ 14:53)

A pointless 'storm in a twitter cup'...but then again aren't they all.

paul webb (28/09/22 @ 18:06)

Dixon was born a male and when he dies he will still be a male. Despite having his bits off and growing a pair of boobs and changing his name etc. he is still biologically a male. Prior to doctors learning how to play God in the 1950's this kind of surgically alteration still does not alter the basic fact that you are either a male or female at birth

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