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Armed man who "wanted to be shot dead" acquitted after charging at PCs

paul webb (21/10/22 @ 18:10)

An hour!! that would have been more than enough time to make a brew drunk a biscuit or two and decide in the couple of minutes left to acquit a man who intended to stab an officer in the attempt to get one of the armed officers to kill him. I know the jury system is the cornerstone of an open and fair judicial trial. But really were these 12 on a promise to be elsewhere and just could not be bothered to bring back a guilty verdict. Hope they are proud of themselves if in the near future he actually manages to kill an officer before he gets his wish to have a suicide by cop shooting him.

Anonanon (22/10/22 @ 00:58)

So he didn't get his wish that police officers took him out as he charged at them with a knife. The incident done and dusted from start to court in just 6 months. Jury took less than an hour to acquit on attempt GBH. Say if the officers had used lethal force. I doubt it would have reached anyway near a final review yet with IOPC at the helm. It would be two officers on admin because they were confronted with a male now established to have MH issues and fixations charging at them with a knife. Will he receive the help he needs from CJS, MH services?.....and if not what next?

Anonymous (24/10/22 @ 11:41)

He should have flown to Russia China Pakistan or Texas and done the same there. Job done.

retired brief (25/10/22 @ 10:50)

Wonder if the jury went out on a Friday afternoon, may account for the rush to get out of the building by 12 clowns sworn to give a true verdict! What will the IOPC be new considering re the officer's behavior in deliberately being on the street, whilst armed, and getting in the way of an armed lunatic. Gross misconduct, without forethought, to say the least, hearing to take place in about three years' time?

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