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Suspended sentence given to man who kicked PC down the stairs

Anonanon (27/10/22 @ 16:29)

Defence in mitigation said Kitteringham, who is the sole carer for three young children, was genuinely remorseful. He was also ordered to comply with a 120-day alcohol abstinence and monitoring programme and attend up to 40 fays rehab activity. What a role model to his kids. The system is faffed.

paul webb (27/10/22 @ 17:05)

Shocking but sadly no longer surprised. The judiciary continues to fail to support the police. Note Couldn't Prosecute Satan were up their usual tricks. Downgrading a section 18 GBH down to an ABH just to ensure that the scrot pleads guilty and literally gets off Scot free.

Anthony (27/10/22 @ 17:28)

Although I, and many police officers condemn the action of two police officers who took selfies at a murder scene. They were sentenced, I believe, to three months imprisonment. This violent individual who nearly maimed a police officer received only a suspended sentence. What value do these High Court Judges put on emergency workers injuries.

retired brief (28/10/22 @ 10:05)

Perhaps these judges need a few tips from the we will not tolerate brigade?

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (28/10/22 @ 15:01)

Now come on Federation / Chief Constable challenge the sentence. It is about time the judiciary came into the real world. An utter disgrace. The person/s in Couldn't prosecute satan office should be sacked.

Ian (28/10/22 @ 15:45)

In a nation that has stood idly by while the whole service has been repeatedly kicked in the teeth, this should not surprise anyone.

Tangi (28/10/22 @ 20:06)

The problem is on the same day a police inspector from Wales was given a community order for assaulting a minor. If we want harsh sentences for assault on police we must also demand it for officers who assault members of the public.

Fatblurk (28/10/22 @ 21:57)

The real value that society puts on officers.

Springbok223 (30/10/22 @ 09:17)

There are no decent Judges around these days who have a clue about real punishment. Shame we cannot bring back Judges like Castles, Denning. Judges should be allowed to increase punishment if people make appeals and judicial reviews that they lose. We are too soft in the Uk with criminals.

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