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Opinion: where are these “thousands” of corrupt officers?

Jensen2021 (05/11/22 @ 10:39)

I really with Chris Hobbs’ articles were published mainstream. People just don’t get it, or in the case of anti police types, choose not to get it. You can apply all of this to the NHS, but the reaction is not as vitriolic, nasty and contemptible, as it towards the police. Again, police chiefs should use articles like this and push back hard against these damaging headlines, that ironically, will stop people coming forward to report sexual abuse etc, that they claim to care so much about.

Annoymous. (05/11/22 @ 20:07)

I read a stat recently that resignations are up 72%. Cops interviewed disclosed it was not because of the job but organisational issues like poor management. To me that’s 360 feedback majority of bosses are awful, they are not even decent cops. I believe issues are created to distract from closer scrutiny of the poor management and the failure to create a hostile environment for crime and criminals resulting in the foreseeable and preventable explosion in crime.

paul webb (07/11/22 @ 09:18)

The shame here is that this article will not see the light of day outside of the police oracle. MSM are having a feeding frenzy against the police and it has been going on for quite some time. The narrative is that the police are a bunch of racist corrupt thugs at the street level led by woke snowflakes at SMT level. This constant drip drip of anti police rhetoric is having its desired result with public trust of the police being constantly undermined. I honestly do not know why certain sections of the media such as the Daily Mail has such an open hostility to the police. The BBC and the Guardian I understand as they are in the thrall of the leftie view of the world that sees the police as tools of the state. But for supposed conservative outlets to propagate this ill informed and biased narrative whilst ignoring other institutions that are far worse in its behaviours is sadly very worrying. What are they trying to achieve? The collapse of law and order as the public lose faith in the police. The media needs to be careful on how this will pan out if the police fail to hold the thin blue line everyone and everything is at risk.

Ian (07/11/22 @ 13:20)

It is abundantly clear that whilst media outlets, the HMICFRS, IOPC, etc., may all appear outwardly independent, they are all beholden to powerful influences for their support and funding. In an effort to reduce the costs of delivery, and, presumably in order to make them more saleable to the private sector and overseas investors, the present Government have waged a campaign of de-valuing all public services since 2010. Those in their thrall are naturally complicit in supporting that agenda. How else could HMG have got away with the decimation they have caused across all public sector bodies without having triggered widespread public outrage? This latest report is all part of the same narrative; we should expect yet more of the same as we slide towards the next round out public spending cuts. Ultimately the public should be concerned that, with the prospect of yet more cuts and ever-spiralling morale, we may one day end up being as terrible as we are already presented as being. Mercifully, the vast majority of those still working in the public sector are more concerned with our values than the agenda of the Government and their hired helpers.

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