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Home Secretary asks college to re-consider non-degree entry routes

Old Skool Kind of Guy (09/11/22 @ 16:30)

does this mean a little common sense will be restored and that there will be a backlash from the newly appointed PEQF uni instructors (aka lecturers)...?

paul webb (09/11/22 @ 17:48)

Now go the whole hog and disband CoP. Return to regional police training centres. Get rid of PCC's Even better have a Royal Commission on the entire justice system. Will it happen? More chance of winning the euro millions

Anonanon (10/11/22 @ 00:30)

CoP have become like the Home Office. Churning out the same lines despite all the evidence to the contrary.

PolicePirate (10/11/22 @ 09:55)

I am curious Paul, would engage a solicitor who did not have a law degree or visit a doctor who had no medical degree..... Why should the public not expect their law enforcment to have a recognised qualification? I had experience of the NPT system having joined at the height of it. I cannot say that it was a particularly good experience.

retired brief (10/11/22 @ 10:00)

@PolicePirate The public expect law enforcement to do just that! They do not want someone pushing a piece of paper before them, they expect someone to turn up with the strength of character and practical experience to help them with their problems and deal with the bad people in their world.

PolicePirate (10/11/22 @ 12:01)

@retired brief I agree. But should not the law enforcement have the best training and education available to them in order that they can apply that strength of character in an appropriate and acceptable way? The world we inhabit now is very different to the world when I first joined the police. Every aspect of the job is held to scrutiny and account by media, politicians, lawyers and other scrutineers. Every opportunity to criticise and to find fault are taken. Should our law enforcement officers not be equipped with the knowledge and skill sets to navigate this environment? There is far more to policing now than just knowing the law and ones powers!

paul webb (10/11/22 @ 14:38)

@PolicePirate Honestly civvie academics who have never been on the streets trying to instruct young people how to be police officers!! Doctors are not taught medicine by non medical staff the same goes for any other trade or profession. So how come the police have the pleasure of being taught by non police lecturers. As for knowing the law. Oh please I can still quote the Theft Act etc. When I was still serving I was talking to the new probationers and they could not give the definition of theft etc. Ask them about diversity and wow they were full of that. The public want officers who will be firm but polite, who will run towards danger not hide behind a risk assessment. Not sure what the idiots at CoP etc. want the modern police to look like except some kind of academic who will only be there for a few years before swanning off to pastures new.

IPA16 (10/11/22 @ 16:16)

From what I've seen so far, in a general sense at least, Ms Braverman seems to have her head screwed on (her primary problem, as her predecessors have found, remains her own department's people and their overall competence). As Paul Webb says, academics (these pencil warriors are far too prolific in my view) cannot teach policing, though they can usefully contribute, especially in specialist areas (cyber, etc). As you would expect, soldiers are taught primarily by professional soldiers ...neither war nor maintaining the peace are theoretical. ...now lets get back to winning Euro Millions....

Anonymous (10/11/22 @ 17:05)

The Home Office is 'asking' the CoP. Surely that is the tail wagging the dog. The correct version should be "The Home Office has instructed the CoP they are to......".

Anonymous (10/11/22 @ 17:05)

The Home Office is 'asking' the CoP. Surely that is the tail wagging the dog. The correct version should be "The Home Office has instructed the CoP they are to......".

Annoymous. (10/11/22 @ 17:12)

As a retired officer who had a degree before I joined and competing a masters degree whilst serving I have always opposed graduate entry. I am aware of corporate cops who don’t have degrees and supported this, they were of poor intelligence themselves but will agree with everything corporate.

Springbok223 (15/11/22 @ 13:33)

The Home Secretary should not be asking them, she should TELL THEM to make other options. The Empire Builders will do nothing unless ordered as they will be worried about their Empire collapsing to some extent.

Springbok223 (15/11/22 @ 13:38)

The Home Sec may not be with us for long, she looks as if she is pregnant. Best wishes if she is, be a shame if she left, she is the first to talk sense for years.

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