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Mayor denies not following due process on Cressida Dick's exit

Anonanon (16/11/22 @ 14:33)

Make the bumptious little chancer squirm.

paul webb (16/11/22 @ 18:08)

Of course it is not his fault. Nothing ever is!! The poisoned dwarf is so arrogant because he believes that he is never going to be voted out.

Paddy M (17/11/22 @ 15:29)

Well done Sir Tom - exposing the arrogance of this nasty little fellow does us all a great service. Whatever your thoughts on Cressida, she didn’t deserve the high handed treatment received from the puffed up nonentity that is Khan.

Anon999 (17/11/22 @ 17:42)

Sadiq Khan is not fit for his office. Regrettably I voted for this idiot on the basis of his housing plan, which he has woefully failed to deliver on, along with a catalogue of failures under his mayorship. He has used Cressida Dick as a political scapegoat. He was implicit in the resignation of the first female commissioner of London Fire Brigade (Dany cotton) . He has effectively dismissed Cressida Dick by withdrawing his support and not following due process. Does anyone see a pattern here? Now he is trying to lie his way out of it. His legacy as Mayor of London is abysmal. He has not even delivered half the affordable homes he promised. It is time for this MUPPET to go!

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