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Police officer ‘used fake emails to order free pints while watching England win’

Mike Hunt (17/11/22 @ 18:34)

I rather get the impression that a lot of detail has been omitted from the reporting of this story and the background facts. I honestly can't motivate myself to feel too indignant about this now ex officer's actions in creating fake email accounts to gain free beer. Were this a police promotion exam then the offence of fraud might well be mooted. But were he in any other employment then he would have been lauded for exploiting a loophole! I wonder if by staying in the premises to drink the free beer, did he spend more money on food or bar snacks or indeed other drinks? Mention of him having featured in another, undisclosed criminal investigation can be misleading. Is this a case of no smoke without fire, or a case of turning innocent until proven guilty on its head? Failure to disclose a speeding offence. Did the form make it clear that such minor, routine matters be disclosed? If so, there is no excuse for the non disclosure. But would having such a conviction etc really have rendered him unsuitable for the transfer? I can't help but think that this guy annoyed someone or that his face just didn't fit, for whatever reason. Im all for sacking someone who doesn't have the required integrity but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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