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PC cleared of dangerous driving after car he was pursuing killed two people

Tangi (07/12/22 @ 17:25)

It should never have got to court. Are police officers now going to be prosecuted for the actions of criminals. The person responsible is in prison. The police officer did nothing wrong.

Anonymous (07/12/22 @ 17:35)

Thank goodness the people on the jury had more basic common sense than the prosecutors. A good officer’s career.could have been ruined for no reason and even so there’s a blot that won’t go away and which may impact his future chances of advancement. The attack on police officers by prosecutors and discipline bodies is relentless and a reflection of today’s woke culture. Who can work in such an environment, trying to do a high risk job even in the best of circumstances?

Anonymous176 (07/12/22 @ 17:51)

No mention of DPS taking their second bite of the cherry, yet! Be very wary. The guys on the 14th floor at ESB will be relishing the thought of bringing this to a hearing. Resulting in another 18 months of misery for PC Welch. Good luck. However that team are so inept I think you’ll be ok. Cops can’t win. Similar to stop and search. Too many negative results. Easy answer, we simply stopped searching people.

Laurie Oliver (07/12/22 @ 19:16)

Appalling that this officer has had this hanging over him for 6 years. Maybe now the head of the incompetent IOPC has resigned and is under investigation, things may improve.

Anonanon (07/12/22 @ 22:21)

I remember thinking wtf reading about the CPS decision to charge back in 2021. Basically charging a police officer of causing death by dangerous driving 'by proxy' as the car he was chasing caused the deaths.That the fact he was a police officer doing his job was some form of 'factor' in the chase that ended in the death of innocent MoP. 6 years of that officers life on hold and everything with it. The only person responsible for those deaths was DOBBY who was sentenced back in 2017. 12 years in total. Probably be out on license next year.

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (08/12/22 @ 11:06)

When is the Federation going to challenge IOPC and "can't prosecute satan"re the delays. This is not acceptable. As has been said the only person responsible for these death is the low life in prison.I am getting fed up with the police always being blamed for the actions of criminals. The force is now considering disciplinary action, if the "left hand does not get you the right hand will". He was in a stolen,lost vehicle, need I say more. I am glad I have retired.When I was an officer I do not think this would have happened.

Anthony (08/12/22 @ 11:10)

Can anyone help me compile a list of vicarious liabilities police officers now appear to be responsible for; 1/ in pursuit of a known recidivist who loses control of his vehicle and kills somebody. 2/ a individual complains to police and is later murdered by the person complained of. 3/.

DOUGLAS (08/12/22 @ 15:44)


Ian K (08/12/22 @ 15:48)

Apart from the ludicrous situation where a police officer is apparently at fault for trying to prevent a crime ie. the offender driving a stolen vehicle in a dangerous manner, why on earth has it taken 6 years to bring this matter to a conclusion (though not for PC Welch) who has been on restricted duty for all this time with the worry of what might happen to him in court hanging over his head. And now the Met and the IOPC are likely to take disciplinary action against him - WHEN HE HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE INNOCENT! The CPS are equally at fault here for the inordinate amount of time they took to bring this to trial (quite apart from the question as to whether he should have been charged at all). As an ex JP I have personal experience of the ineptitude of the CPS, they having charged an officer for discharging Pava Spray at an offender who was already in custody and spitting at and assaulting officers who were trying to restrain her. The officer was 6 month pregnant at the time of her first court appearance and the bench researched in detail the law regarding the use of Pava and was ready to acquit when the matter came to trial. Needless to say the CPS, realising the shakiness of its case withdrew the charges on the trial day. The possible outcome had hung over the officer for the whole of her pregnancy! Sorry to have ranted on but if only the public knew how ridiculous the so called 'justice' system is!

SAE (08/12/22 @ 22:19)

Six Years, double jeopardy. Again. IOPC cannott justify this.

Springbok223 (10/12/22 @ 09:53)

They always love a 'second bite' at the Cherry, and will do anything to Bag a Copper. The so much 'holier than thou' Naseem uttering his usual rhetoric.

Springbok223 (11/12/22 @ 07:55)

Naseem just cannot bring himself to say 'my sympathies' to the officer involved.

paul webb (12/12/22 @ 08:15)

Shocking state of affairs. All those responsible for this debacle should be hanging their heads in shame. But of course they will not. The muppet squad and Couldn't prosecute Satan are so divorced from reality they could be from a different planet. Now they are going to go for the officer in the kangaroo court. I do hope it is concluded asap and the LQC kicks it straight out. Should never have come to this. The Fed really do need to stop sitting on their piggy bank and spend a few quid to get some kind of payback against these useless organisations

chris24pc (15/02/23 @ 21:30)

Think for a moment ......... the guilty murdering driver may be out of prison before the innocent officer just doing his job gets dealt with.

Anonymous (14/03/23 @ 18:36)

Appearances are all that matters. The individual officer is dispensible.

Anonymous (14/03/23 @ 18:36)

Appearances are all that matters. The individual officer is dispensible.

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