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Allegation against IOPC head ‘was known’ a month before resignation

Springbok223 (12/12/22 @ 11:56)

The so much 'holier than thou' Cooper the worst type of Labour MP full of her usual rhetoric. She has never had a proper job where she had to earn her money.

Squadman (12/12/22 @ 12:23)

I see the remaining IOPC have yet to use the phrase, 'We will not tolerate'. Perhaps later on, then ...

XKnotscop (12/12/22 @ 12:40)

Not seen them mention their "sympathies lie with the family of the victim" either.

Blackstock (12/12/22 @ 14:21)

I like how Cooper managed to reference general Police misconduct when discussing IOPC staff alleged wrong doings

paul webb (13/12/22 @ 08:09)

Yet again the Home Office is shown to be a dysfunctional entity. Officials were informed in November and it took them up to a month to mention this to the Home Secretary!! As for pixie Cooper jumping on the bandwagon nothing ever changes does it?

ASG (14/12/22 @ 09:17)

It is “ of profound concern “ to me that there appear to be deep rooted, systemic issues regarding a lack of integrity within the ranks of the IOPC… As far as Copper is concerned, didn’t she and her husband, the GMB presenter flip their nominated second home three times to maximise their parliamentary expenses, such woolly interpretations of the expenses policy would be a sacking offence for a police officer, maybe even a fraud charge, for politicians it’s an acceptable use of the system.

Ian (14/12/22 @ 15:44)

Not massively reassuring to read that the IOPC are conducting this review given that the only people likely to be found to be at fault are senior IOPC officials, senior Home Office officials or the Home Sec. Turkeys do not generally vote for Christmas....

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