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PCC agrees to buy out station built under PFI deal to safeguard site

paul webb (13/12/22 @ 08:02)

Ah PFI yet another Gordon Brown legacy that the country will be paying for decades to come.

Plodding On (13/12/22 @ 11:34)

We have to be very careful with these. PFI conglomerates are seeking to divest prior to the hockey stick spend profile on expensive infrastructure life cycle items such as chillers, lifts, air handling units on so on. This is true in many public buildings as they approach the end of the concession period. The carrot being dangled is a good sale price and end to heavy contract fees. But, the risk is serious legacy issues that require capital spend to be planned and accrued. We all know that holding a supplier to account for condition ‘B’ building standard is far easier than public bodies actually taking care of buildings in the long term.

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