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Former Specials ‘colluded’ with each other after failing to deal with assault

Captainover (19/12/22 @ 17:31)

There are some excellent specials, however, the training given to them does not equip them to deal with the jobs properly. I guess in this case the job was too complex, they didn’t know what to do and then instead of asking for help just tried to get rid of it as easily as possible. How can forces say regular officers require a 3 year degree to be a PC but then allow specials to go to the same jobs with a few weekends of training. It is totally unfair. They then give them ranks which makes people think that they are more trained than they are. Their mistake here was lying. They should have just come clean at the start.

Anon (19/12/22 @ 18:50)

Captainover. As an ex Special before embarking on my policing career, I could not agree more. Let's not forget that the rank structure in the Special Constabulary is purely administrative and is no reflection of training completion or other experience. Special Sergeants had the responsibility of tallying up the hours at the end of the month and that was about it! I have no doubt that this kind of incident management is going on all over the country with a worrying over reliance upon volunteers.

Anonymous (20/12/22 @ 11:38)

They were out of their depth and the regular force supervisors should've been aware and picked up on this instead of making them scapegoats

Buster Bloodvessel (20/12/22 @ 16:20)

You hit the nail bang on the head - how is it right that recruits are expected to obtain a degree and yet Specials with minimal training are expected to deliver the same level of service. Many do a good job with limited training and yet regulars are directed to do the degree programme.

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