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PC's widow says all forces should stop using faulty vehicles

Anonanon (21/12/22 @ 00:33)

I am not sure where the FED are on this one but seems on face value a case to take legal advice on dragging the Force to Court either under criminal or civil law.

Pilchard (21/12/22 @ 07:19)

Mmmm I wonder what I'll be driving when I go into work on Thursday, I very much doubt my force will do the right thing and take off all of the n57 engined vehicles we have??

Captainover (21/12/22 @ 11:48)

Under the HSAW act you have an obligation to not operate machinery if you know it is dangerous. Don’t drive it. Simply refuse they can’t sack you.

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (21/12/22 @ 15:15)

The Federation MUST help Kathryn to sue both BMW and the force.Also the Federation have a duty to notify the public and other police forces via the press.This needs a large campaign, before another officer or member of the public suffers the same fate as Pc Williams and family. It is a disgrace that the force AND BMW have not taken public responsibility for the incident.

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (21/12/22 @ 15:27)

Sorry I made a mistake I should have said PC Dumphreys not Pc Williams. I had a senior moment

XKnotscop (22/12/22 @ 13:56)

Is there an argument for Corporate Manslaughter ??????

Springbok223 (27/12/22 @ 09:51)

...you mean the Paper Tiger Brigade.

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