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Met Sergeant given final written warning relating to strip search

Anonanon (21/12/22 @ 12:53)

On restricted duties for two years for that! Here's a thought, maybe if she had actually complied with the officers and not kicked off her so called 'dignity' wouldn't have suffered. But hey, she was deemed 'vulnerable and in a lonely place'....so that's it then.

Blackstock (21/12/22 @ 13:19)

Two AND a half years!!

retired brief (21/12/22 @ 14:12)

Well, perhaps he will keep his clothes on next time he does a strip search now that he realises the strip part does not apply to him. Sorry, Christmas cracker joke, they do not get any better. The greatly offended brigade will be after me during the next ten years or so, but happy Christmas to them and everyone else on Police Oracle.

Anthony (21/12/22 @ 16:57)

Question. How many prisoners had PS Hussey to deal with at that time? Was there a queue, all demanding instant attention?

Anon (21/12/22 @ 18:00)

Is there anyone out there that police deal with who the IOPC dont consider vulnerable? As usual absolutely no comment or criticism of the detainees behaviour and actions, after all she could have just complied or was that too difficult! It sounds like quite a violent arrest and detention, I hope none of the officers involved were injured.

Thewayitwas (22/12/22 @ 13:18)

I know rules is rules but anyone who’s had to deal with a violent detainee will understand. Things don’t happen like they do in a text book when someone is kicking off big style. Of course you don’t strike them unless it’s an appropriate and approved strike, and obviously you need to respect dignity as much as possible. Also I just read about another case where a detainee on a stop check consumed cocaine just before being pulled over, so the officers didn’t know and that person died in custody. What if this female had drugs somewhere on her person , took them and died? That would be the sergeants fault as well if she’d taken something and died. You see all the risks our good officers have to balance all the time when dealing with violent prisoners who are ready to punch kick or stab them given half a chance.

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