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Met forensic scientist cleared of misconduct in public office

Blackstock (30/12/22 @ 13:38)

What a weird set of circs. There was never any malice alleged against Ursula Collins or that she deliberately mishandled investigations for gain. I.e. Bribed by a crim to get him off. So in reality, was this court case brought about simply because she became lazy at her job?! Man alive!

Anonanon (30/12/22 @ 17:05)

That's the way I read it as well. Admittedly some of the offences were at the top end of offending but charges of Misconduct in Public Office? The judged dropped three before trial and the jury did the rest. Now the Met are 'considering' disciplinary hearings. A consideration that should have been made before and not waste the costs and time of a CC trial.

Blackstock (31/12/22 @ 16:12)

@Anonanon it's hard to get a full handle on things by only reading a brief article but this certainly sounds like a performance issue rather than a criminal matter. If only the public knew!!!

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