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Fifteen hundred force vehicles are more than 10 years old

Anon (28/12/22 @ 23:19)

So 4,657 new officers required by the end of March 2023 to reach the Tory target of so called uplift officers. It's either not going to happen (as per recent reporting from London) or more likely, if you can walk and talk at the same time you'll be be accepted, with all the perverse consequences for the future that rushed recruitment causes especially around suitability and vetting.

Anon (28/12/22 @ 23:36)

Another politician opening their mouth and displaying their complete ignorance of operational policing matters. We have a recovery truck that is 19yrs old, does about 2000 miles per year and is in perfect working order. A couple of other operational vehicles where age is no barrier at over 15yrs old. Of course no high speed response vehicle or roads policing cars are going to be old and falling apart. Most are modern, high performance vehicles. Of courseanyone

Anon (28/12/22 @ 23:39)

Cont.... with any insight or knowledge would know that but it of course it does not stop an arm chair expert like Mr Carmichael pontificating on the matter. He's right to call out the cuts to police budgets and the real terms 7%+ cut to budgets this financial year, but being accurate and factual would enhance his argument.

retired brief (30/12/22 @ 15:23)

Nothing new here, move along please.

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