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Policing degrees must become 'truly vocational' says Fed Chair

retired brief (30/12/22 @ 11:54)

Just have a look at the media headlines today (30/12) re 'uplift recruits leaving in their droves' because of the inordinate pressure of having to carry out operational duties, alongside police training, alongside degree studies, alongside immature recruits not up to the unsocial working hours and huge pressure and stress of police work. Academics being drafted in to research the causes (at a great cost no doubt) when anyone reading the posts on this site from regular, experienced, contributors would have no doubt what the causes - and answers are. Now fertile ground for a whole host of buzz words and excpressions, as quoted in one of todays press articles 'officer attritiion' 'organisational injustice' 'deep dive' research. For crying out loud, bin all this nonesense, get back to basics and recruit police officers from the time served pool that served the police force (yes force) so well for 150 years or so before the self serving amateurs took over!

paul webb (30/12/22 @ 18:09)

The rot set in when the morons decided to close down the regional Police Training Centres and have the new recruits trained in 3rd rate universities. The academics aided and abetted by police trainers who suddenly saw a golden opportunity never to have do a hard days work again foisted this debacle onto the police and the obsession with officers getting a degree has created this insanity of officers trying to do the proper day job at the same time as completing academic qualifications and woe betide that they would want to have a social life somewhere amongst this. If they survive this and obtain a degree then I am sure that many of them are looking at the exit to a better paid safer job

Squadman (31/12/22 @ 10:16)

It's you and Paul Webb who consistently post the most common sense advice on Police Oracle, Retired Brief, but will anybody in the upper echelons listen? Don't hold your breath!

Springbok223 (31/12/22 @ 15:35)

@Squadman of course they don't listen, they have their own agenda and always think they know best. They don't want there 'Empire Building' to collapse.

paul webb (03/01/23 @ 13:46)

@Squadman Thank you for your kind words and of course the powers that be will never listen to the likes of us. We are mere plebs who keep shouting the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

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