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Dorset sergeant struck off for having phone sex with student officer

retired brief (04/01/23 @ 11:10)

Do not think that neither he or the female officer who 'engaged in a consensual sexual act' AT HIS HOME were acting in a sensible manner to say the least. Wonder what sanctions were applied to her, although he is the bigger idiot thinking he was gods gift to the student officer, at least until she was not getting the preferential treatment/postings she wanted, and then???

Captainover (04/01/23 @ 13:31)

Phone sex? How very 1980s!

DT (04/01/23 @ 15:12)

What on Earth was this idiot Sgt thinking when he pursued relationships with these 2 student Officers? Cancel that. I think I know.

paul webb (04/01/23 @ 15:27)

So at no time was anyone playing hide the sausage? This was stupid people on their mobiles again!! Having been given a warning the first time he went on and did it again. Very stupid!!

Anonymous retired (05/01/23 @ 16:04)

Interesting how different rules seem to apply when very senior officers do very similar things, and more, with subordinates... Nevertheless, this guy was very stupid indeed. You just can't do this stuff. End of.

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