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Detective speaks out on CSA work toll after winning PTSD case

DT (05/01/23 @ 14:06)

Mr Cahill has been appallingly let down by his supervisors. I hope that some sanction was imposed on them for uttering that terrible phrase, “suck it up….â€쳌 They don’t deserve the stripes that they wear. Surely, AI can be used to analyse some of the images with human assessment minimised as much as possible. I wish Mr Cahill all the best for the future.

XKnotscop (05/01/23 @ 14:54)

Hope he claims for and IOD Pension if not already done so. Like to see an SMP trying to worm out of awarding that.

Springbok223 (13/03/23 @ 15:34)

Lets have the force name that he served his service in please. Why the reluctance not to publish it.

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