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Federation: Regulation 13 not being used properly by the Met

XKnotscop (18/01/23 @ 08:44)

If forces carried out proper vetting and due diligence by way of home visits/interviews etc at application stage you would probably find a lot of these Reg 13 dismissals would never be recorded as the individuals would never have got in the job in the first place. Further to this forces now are heavily reliant on inexperienced officers acting as Tutors who are themselves being managed and advised by inexperienced 1st and 2nd line managers. There is simply no infrastructure in place in forces to cope with the massive numbers coming into the job. The employer is basically failing the majority who do and ultimately failing the public in the service it provides.

Matt (18/01/23 @ 10:56)

The fact forces face financial penalties if they fail to recruit enough officers against the Gov targets is likely to lead to rushed decisions such as we will get them in now and hope the vetting is ok. There is also an element of PSD dealing with matters under Reg 13 if the misconduct is not gross.

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