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Serving Met officer admits false imprisonment and assault

Blackstock (05/01/23 @ 17:13)

I evermore find myself saying "what a bizarre set of circs" when reading these news articles on PO. I haven't researched this incident on other sites so don't know if maybe more info is in the public domain. False imprisonment and AOABH are both serious headline offences but the devil is in the detail. And I rather suspect the details will be rather pedestrian. The officer and victim knew each other. One might suspect this was a sex act gone awry but why the absence of other, sexual offences? Or any other offences? Do you just tie someone up with no other intention? And what constituted the assault? The most outlandish aspects are that the victim was not described as a vulnerable female, the incident was not pigeonholed as an example of misogyny, and the officer was not compared to Wayne Couzens.

Blackstock (05/01/23 @ 17:25)

Hang about. Just read more about this on a local London news website. These people were flat mates. He apparently encountered her in the flat whilst he happened to be holding a roll of tape. He then bound her hands and feet, leaving her on the sofa. She then asked him to free her. He did so with a knife, seemingly nicking her by accident in the process. End of incident. She then reports him. No mal intent was speculated upon in the news, with it being reported that he claimed it was a joke. Would be interesting to know the dynamics of their relationship. Were they long standing friends....did they just meet as a result of a need to house share....was there sexual tension on the part of either....or angst which follows with living with an inconsiderate house mate, thus giving a joke more bite? When I was a student, getting tied up as a joke by a flat mate would have been getting off lightly! And the least said about life in the army accommodation block, the better!! Anyone else thinking mountain out of mole hill......?

Metcom (05/01/23 @ 17:55)

As a former Met officer with 31yrs service, news like this makes me feel ashamed to tell people I was a former MPS officer. I hope gets a warm welcome at his new nick, when he gets his sentence and as a police officer a prison sentence should be the only option.

Springbok223 (08/01/23 @ 09:12)

What is to SYAB her and RIM her, please clarity. At least Mike can spell.

Bob (09/01/23 @ 17:52)

None of what you appear to be stating as fact is in the article. Could you name the source of your information.

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