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BMW to stop supplying police vehicles to UK forces

Shiney (12/01/23 @ 19:24)

Overpriced rubbish. There has to be a UK equivalent

SeekerOfTruthAndPies (13/01/23 @ 08:11)

And of course, this is nothing to do with the fatal RTC involving PC Nick Dumphreys....

paul webb (13/01/23 @ 08:12)

Considering that BMW has washed its hands of the fact that its cars have effectively killed officers because of faulty engines no great loss to use other manufactures. Never did understand why forces brought the X5 for the firearms units when its ability to go off road is next to useless.

General Dogsbody (14/01/23 @ 14:02)

Because it wasn't purchased for it's off road capability; it was purchased due to it's load capacity and on road ability.

paul webb (15/01/23 @ 18:15)

@General Dogsbody Maybe so but surely if you are going to buy a vehicle that should have off road capability for its role then the X5 was a stupid purchase

Fatblurk (16/01/23 @ 16:12)

Local force has gone back to Volvo and are having problems with them already. Police market is tiny so manufactureres only really do it for advertising, the police use it must be good effect. To give some perspective rental/lease fleet buyers will go with orders of thousands of vehicles in one go and tend to move them on quite quickly requiring re-orders. The market isn't big enough to invest in supplying a bespoke police vehicle.

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