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Home Office minister says new spiking law is “unnecessary”

Anonanon (12/01/23 @ 23:40)

As, on a regular basis, we get chewed over for not enforcing the laws that are already on the statute book we can look at this as one less on the list that we haven't got the resources available to deal with effectively.

paul webb (13/01/23 @ 07:46)

I dare say that they are cases where drinks etc have been tampered with. Although I do suspect that a fair percentage will be from young ladies who having willingly consumed vast amounts of alcohol suddenly find themselves in at the very least embarrassing situations and it must be because someone spiked their drink. Not the fact they have consumed several shots, large glasses of wine etc. The Offences Against The Person Act 1861 still has the sections that cover anyone committing the tampering with any ones drink. However the we need to be doing something brigade still want to create yet another piece of legislation that will do nothing to address the problem

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