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Met reviewing more than 1,000 allegations after series of scandals

paul webb (17/01/23 @ 08:27)

MSM are having a feeding frenzy over this one. On the back of Couzons and now Carrick these investigations into alleged offences going back 10 years and involving over a 1000 Met officers and staff is gist to the mill of the anti police narrative that is prevalent in the MSM today. Rowley still going on about the hundreds of officers he can not sack is repeated without any context. Is he saying that all these officers are guilty of offences that should have allowed the Met to sack them under existing regulations but have somehow been kept on by corrupt senior officers? How many are in limbo waiting for IOPC investigations to conclude. How many are on long term sick with mental health issues brought on by the pressures of the job. Not once has he been asked by any reporter to expand on these comments. So he just leaves everyone with the impression he has hundreds of corrupt officers he is incapable of dismissing from the service!! He really is a shocking commissioner. Morale in the Met must be rock bottom with his inspiring leadership!!

Softly Softly (17/01/23 @ 09:10)

I think one of the issues that is always overlooked is the sheer size of the MPS, big isn't always beautiful nor easy to have effective control over and clearly those who currently are tasked with leading it quite obviously have considerable difficulty doing so. Maybe time to reduce its size / geograhical coverage.

mr anonymous (18/01/23 @ 19:42)

I am sick and tired of hearing retired senior officers from the police all rolling up to criticise the current police officers who are usually of lower rank than they were. Can they not explain why they did nothing about in when they were in post and had the power to change things. Carrick and cozens and all other appalling police officers are destroying a job that I have worked in all of my working life. If I was the met I would however look at that team where cozens and carrick worked and they should be replaced to appease the public.

paul webb (19/01/23 @ 12:54)

Are you saying that the entire team he worked with should be punished for his crimes because they worked alongside him. Damn sure he never came into work and boasted that he had spent his weekend off raping women!! Unless you know different?

paul webb (19/01/23 @ 17:38)

It just gets worse. MSM are reporting that a Met C/Insp topped himself following his arrest for having a shed load of children porn. Now two other retired officers are under investigation for children porn offences. What the MSM will fail to report is the fact that it was fellow police officers who investigated arrested and dealt with these sick bastards

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