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Lower threat level ‘raises question’ over arming of all PSNI officers

paul webb (18/01/23 @ 08:00)

And when the first officer is murdered by the Real IRA. Are the policing board going to be the pall bearers at the officers funeral? The risk level may have been reduced it has not been eliminated

PaulH (18/01/23 @ 09:30)

Politically motivated delusional recommendation. Any sensible and unbiased person can see that the 'peace' in NI is fragile at best. The risk to PSNI officers' safety, both on and off duty is real, not imagined.

RUCLO (18/01/23 @ 12:03)

Any one who believes that terrorism by dangerous gangsters in Northern Ireland known as The Real IRA or any of their off shoots is not only delusional but incredibly dangerous. Whoever on the Policing Board was responsible for writing this report and those that supported it are clearly not in the real world and the Chief Constable should refuse to accept its finding. Liam Kelly is absolutely right that the ECHR rights to PSNI Officers are not being advocated properly and it should be front and centre on this poorly researched report as the most important priority.

Mike Hunt (18/01/23 @ 12:26)

I did hear it mooted whenever Byrne got the nod from the Policing Board for the Chief Cons job that he had promised to disarm the force. Not sure how accurate that is. But such a promise would def get Sinn Fein on board as they seem to think their henchmen should be the only ones to be armed. And having an armed force is a great financial burden. Money before lives. Who does the Policing Board think they are? The Ministry of Defence?

Squadman (18/01/23 @ 12:39)

I wonder who, precisely, makes up the Policing Board? Are they, by any chance representatives of Sinn Féin? If so, that makes their comments to some extent understandable; unarmed PSNI officers become a much more interesting target. But if they’re university-generated halfwits, who’ve never confronted an angry man in their lives, those comments are even more deplorable. Having worked in Ulster, 30+ years ago with what was then the RUC – who I regarded as the bravest and most professional bunch of men and women that I ever met – no consideration must be given to disarming them. Things were tough on the streets, then – but don’t think the terrorist groups have gone away, because they haven’t.

retired brief (18/01/23 @ 14:01)

@Mike Hunt would not surprise me in the slightest as to what you heard as mooted, knowing the individual concerned.

ASG (18/01/23 @ 15:31)

Gerry Kelly, a London bomber and prison escapee is on the Board.

ASG (18/01/23 @ 15:35)

The police in Northern Ireland have always been considered expendable by U.K. politicians and the media. They can barely mention the police without gagging.

retired brief (18/01/23 @ 16:39)

@ASG and just look at what they had imported as a CC from the mainland, after he got off with the bully boy charges as then CC of Cheshire by the skin of his teeth, having been sacked by the Cheshire PCC. He then applied to join the Merseyside NARPO but, suddenly was appointed to the PSNI. Me thinks what Mike Hunt heard mooted (see above) has a ring of truth about it.

Anon (19/01/23 @ 01:00)

Utterly ridiculous and nonsensical proposals put together by people who have never policed a day in their life. Can they not see that the reason for the low usage levels of firearms by PSNI officers is owing to the deterrent affect. Would they rather routine arming was withdrawn to save money and then how many slayn police officers would be acceptable! The Federation are right to vociferously push back against such ill informed and wrong headed nonsense.

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