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Calls for removal of Carrick’s pension

retired brief (18/01/23 @ 14:07)

The man is a beast!! But careful consideration needs to be given about forfeiture of pensions, which may be justified in his case, but could result in 'mission creep'. In that there will then be claims to seize pensions in other cases, and with so many officers being dismissed by the we will not tolerate brigade for all sorts of minor misdemeanors, their could be some very peverse cases of hardship placed on the officers families, who have already been thrown under a bus because, for example, the officer shouted at someone when off duty as recently reported.

Softly Softly (18/01/23 @ 14:17)

I do hate these kneejerk reactions by the NPCC - typical glorified backside covering for not doing their jobs properly, or not ensuring they're done correctly for years!

Mike Hunt (18/01/23 @ 14:25)

I never fully understood what happens to the pension of someone who was dismissed as opposed to resigned. I thought if you were sacked then you lost your pension entitlements but did get your contributions back, minus tax. Ie the end result being that it were as if you never joined the pension scheme in the first place. Is that not correct? Is it the police pension that Carrick would get when he is 60 that Khan wants stopped, or does he want to stop the return of the pension contributions to him? I agree that he deserves whatever he gets judicially but like retired brief observes below, where would it end if they take his pension? He has paid into it with his own money. Let whatever victims sue him for compensation for hurt done, targeting his pension if suitable, but that shouldn't form part of the punishment from the state.

ASG (18/01/23 @ 15:47)

Braverman has already made a decision, Khan, the mendacious little oily toad is appealing to the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, GBNews commentariat. Both can barely stand the police although both have 24/7 armed protection units. I despise Carrick for what his has done to women and the police service and I cannot understand why he wasn’t dealt with on any number of previous occasions. He isn’t the first serving officer to beat the system time and again and he certainly will not be the last but failures in recruitment scrutiny are Home Office political issues

Bob French (18/01/23 @ 16:26)

While you're at it Sadiq, also include your political friends who have served time for crimes, come out and returned to their former job, and retained pension contributions.

paul webb (18/01/23 @ 17:11)

Carrick will be looking at a life sentence which means he will be out in about 10 years. The pension issue is just another stick to beat the police with and to whip up the MSM feeding frenzy. They do not want to know that is illegal to snatch a persons pension ( unless you get divorced!!) They just to want to mount his head on a pike ( not a bad idea considering what he has done to the police reputation)

Thewayitwas (18/01/23 @ 18:31)

I agree with retired brief. Whilst this animal deserves everything that’s thrown at him I don’t want pensions to be the weapon that while it’s out of the holster gets used on others.

Anon (18/01/23 @ 19:04)

Mike Hunt. Please read the police pension forfeiture regulations, freely available on the Internet. It explains the process very clearly.

Anon (18/01/23 @ 19:28)

Khan, never one to miss an opportunity to sound tough and "showboat" to the media. I suggest he reads the police forfeiture regulations very carefully. The decision is not his and is subject to a quasi judicial hearing. The panel make the final decision (subject to any appeals) after hearing legal arguments from both sides. While I fully agree this man is a monster and should never have worn a police uniform. This rush to demand seizure of an officers pension is an unbalanced and ill-considered decision. I don't see this happening in other professions and certainly not in politics, where senior government ministers relationship with the truth and morality is very elastic to say the least. The MSM have gone nuclear on this trying to taint and discredit the entire service based upon the actions of one disgusting individual out of over 130k serving officers. Sadly I have heard no balance and context presented by senior officers to the baying media. It's almost as if NPCC etc are too scared to present a balanced and nuanced counter narrative. Why is this so often the case?

Jensen2021 (18/01/23 @ 21:13)

Losing a pension for his despicable crimes - not exactly breaking news as the BBC put it?! I’m sure that London GP who just a couple of weeks ago got sentence for a similar number of rapes on patients (which got an an absolute fraction of media coverage compared to PC Carrick) will lose his pension. Seriously, the NHS has employed exactly the same types, but no call for vetting on all NHS staff, no Jeremy Vine on the radio saying, ‘can we trust doctors?’

Mike Hunt (19/01/23 @ 00:52)

@Anon yeah no. I looked at them and got bored with the jargon Why don't you just tell me? When an officer is sacked as opposed to resigning....even required to resign... does he still get to get a pension once he reaches a certain age.......or does he forfeit his pension but gets his contributions returned.....or does he get a big fat zero?

Mullers (19/01/23 @ 12:48)

retired brief is spot on……you can see that this could creep into any officer being sacked regardless of what they have done…..it’s revenge more than justice !

Thewayitwas (19/01/23 @ 13:17)

Very good point we don’t see MPs who let’s say are a bit slippery lose any pensions do we , often we see pay outs !

MiddyKid (19/01/23 @ 18:37)

It must be the same rules for all public services. Simple as that, or we will see the continual erosion of the police service with the resultant loss on recruitment and retention.

Bob (21/01/23 @ 17:23)

I just had a look at what happened with Elmore Davies, the Merseyside Drug Squad Head who went to jail in 1998 for corruption in connection with Curtis Warren. He had served 31 years and was thirteen weeks from retirement, and was due to get a twenty five grand pension and a hundred grand lump sum. He was allowed to have a 25% pension from his own contributions. Not sure about any lump sum though. I wrongly thought that he had just had his contributions returned and no pension. It would appear I was wrong.

Springbok223 (25/01/23 @ 10:35)

The greasy little Midget Mayor spouting his rhetoric as usual, he will do and say anything for some publicity. He should keep his nose out of things that do not concern him. Let the Home Sec deal with it.

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