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Hebrides islands’ one and only response officer receives QPM

paul webb (18/01/23 @ 17:23)

Not many officers doing the job the old fashioned way these days.

retired brief (18/01/23 @ 20:08)

Good for him, would be a long time waiting for back up dealing with an angry man in the dark suffering from a 'mental episode' as they say and armed with god knows what.

PaulH (19/01/23 @ 14:15)

Well done. QPM recognition for doing a proper copper's job. Not based on how quickly one attains ACC rank and is handed out for just that.

Anthony (19/01/23 @ 18:20)

Urgent assistance will be sent; weather permitting.

Archie (20/01/23 @ 07:20)

How I enjoy seeing this award being presented to an officer who actually deserves it for commitment and dedication to the job. Well done Stephen

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