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Met to receive almost £30m from council tax hike to fund 500 PCSOs

Anon (20/01/23 @ 12:39)

I would like to know precisely how PCSO's are going to tackle serious violence head on? Considering that the role is non confrontational and PCSO's training instructs them to withdraw and call for a police officer to attend when confronted with aggression or violence, then what is the point? I have nothing against PCSO's. When managed and tasked correctly they can be a valuable resource. However Mayor Khan and the Mets senior management need to stop over promising as to what they are going to deliver. The public are not stupid and know their limitations.

Anonanon (20/01/23 @ 15:02)

I'd rather have 250 warranted officers with full powers.

retired brief (20/01/23 @ 18:02)

I hear stories of PCSO's sitting in the police station all day in inclement weather, drinking tea, eating their packed lunches or take aways from the local Greggs or chip shop. And laughing and joking the day away. When challenged by the shift sergeant or inspector, they say they are being bullied by people who have no supervisory responsibility over them and then lodge formal complaints with their union. Is this a common occurence and does it sit within what is being claimed of their usefulness by Mr Kahn?

SAE (20/01/23 @ 18:50)

A complete waste of the taxpayers money. The Commissioner should insist on warranted officers with full training and full powers only on the streets of London. What happens when a PCSO comes across something that need the Police. They call the Police. Three, or more people involved in an incident that should have been resolceved Immediately by a single Police officer.

paul webb (23/01/23 @ 14:12)

Oh wow that is what London needs 500 more chocolate tea pots last seen staggering back to the nick with their shopping or bumbling around no hat hands in pockets looking like a sack of spuds. Blunkets plastic bobbies useless on creation and even more so today. Replace the lot and replace with one warranted officer for every two chocolate tea pots.

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