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PND to be used to check all officers for red flags by March 31

Anonanon (20/01/23 @ 15:24)

Senior rank seem to be tripping over each other to let the world know what they are doing to identify and root out bad officers. It's like'The Blue Lamp'meet 'Witchfinder General' Where will it end? Tenders being put out for quotes for 24/7 electronic tagging?

paul webb (20/01/23 @ 16:50)

I dare say that there a few officers sweating as their drunken misbehaviour on a shift do comes home to roost.

Justthejob (20/01/23 @ 19:05)

I hope Chief Officers are satisfied that MOPI has been used correctly. I see the civil courts lawyers rubbing their hands in anticipation!

Guest (20/01/23 @ 19:11)

In excess of 140,000 police officers to be processed through the PND not including Police Staff. And then all the results to be filtered and examined? And all by 31 March? I’m a daily user of PND Impossible task….

Softly Softly (21/01/23 @ 05:18)

NPCC and CoP totally unfit for purpose along with many of its members since they have been tinkering with well established and proven systems of recruiting, training and supervision for the past two decades so as to arrive at the point where the fetish for social engineering has rendered those systems totally useless. Well done NPCC now back to your desks to write further thesis on diversity and inclusivity, cynically I ask how much more diverse and inclusive do you want to be than to recruit the likes of Couzins and Carrick?

Captainover (21/01/23 @ 12:11)

Trying to automate checks on PNC/PND.. who are they trying to kid. They can’t even get PNC to talk to local systems properly. Utter drivel that will cost the tax payer millions and be forgotten about in the next few weeks when the next crisis comes home to roost. And why does it need a chief Constable to head up what is a relatively simple IT task? Perhaps someone qualified in IT and systems would be better. A bit like asking the head of cleaning at a hospital to devise a new robotic surgery machine.

Annoymous. (21/01/23 @ 23:45)

This is a poorly thought out and knee jerk response. Intelligence and information is key and PND is not the right place. I understand Bournemouth Uni we’re provided extensive data and identified trends. The research included a former police officer. It is important to use those that understand the police culture. I think grievances and Employment Tribunal claims provide a mass of information around misconduct including that of PSD officers and senior officers who have covered up criminal behaviour for varying reasons, 1) corruption 2) incompetence 3) Orders from NPCC ranks. I have read various tribunal judgements where there has been criminal conduct and:or misconduct. Wayne Couzens was known as the rapist, with various red flags. David Carrick had various flags. I reviewed the case of ex met DS Howard Shaw who was persecuted by the Met because his DI cheated on an exam. The system turned on him, the Supt left, read the judgement. When I served I came across officers who behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner and it was covered up. There were cops who were well known predators who exploited the vulnerable, they were disgracefully termed a ladies man and given a free pass to offend against colleagues and members of the public. Sexual relationships with OCG members. Sexual misconduct especially amongst senior ranks is covered up The police punish whistleblowers. I know a former cop with expertise in employment and discipline law including an encyclopaedic knowledge of police related employment claims. If the police are serious you need to hire individuals like him given the recruitment of Ambimbola Johnson by the NPCC to scrutinise their race action plan. Actually there are 3 ex cops who are in the legal profession who I would appoint. Removing the rot requires commitment, without fear or favour and will result in many uncomfortable findings.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 01:31)

Many senior ranks have a lot to hide……

Simon (22/01/23 @ 10:39)

It seems very odd that any investigation into a serving officer, or intelligence about their conduct is not already known and shared by their force and the one where the offending is alleged to have occurred. I also find it unfortunate that anonymous sources go public with the 'I know someone did something which was covered up etc...'.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 11:14)

Simon the reality is if the truth was laid bare in my humble opinion it would demonstrate lots of misconduct in a public office, criminal offences etc, senior officers covering up or ignoring misconduct as well as PSD officers. I remember reading about a a DS - PSD about 10 years ago literally being called a liar by a Crown Court Judge. I never read about any investigation, I bet it was covered up. I am aware of other instances of adverse judicial comments that have not been investigated. Whilst there are many honest cops there are many ignoble ones who hide in plain sight.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 16:20)

This is not the answer and all knee jerk, Wayne Couzens and David Carrick were AFO , Neil Corbel worked in CTU and was a DI. Keith Boots was an Inspector. The recent abuse of children involved a Ch Insp. The issue is pervasive, transcends, rank, length of service etc. The reality is many colleagues have raised many many concerns like I did when I was in the job, at best they were ignored at worst they were hounded out. Employment Tribunals are a rich source of intelligence.

Simon (22/01/23 @ 22:14)

@Annoymous. Anyone who has knowledge of wrongdoing should report it to the appropriate authority; not doing so guarantees that nothing is achieved.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 22:56)

@Simon Howard Shaw did, Met backed the perpetrators, Gurpal Virdi did, Sultan Alam in Cleveland did and he ws subject to a miscarriage of justice. There are many many more. When I was in the job the same names kept coming up, they were reported and protected. I have come across mid reacts in PSD, senior ranks. The IOPC are not fit for purpose.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 22:57)

@Simon I know two cops who blew the whistle, both were hounded out. Both are now lawyers.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 23:27)

Let’s get behind some of these NDA and see what these senior cops have been up to over the years.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 23:27)

Let’s get behind some of these NDA and see what these senior cops have been up to over the years.

Annoymous. (22/01/23 @ 23:27)

Let’s get behind some of these NDA and see what these senior cops have been up to over the years.

Softly Softly (23/01/23 @ 05:51)

I wonder, if like me when being tasked with writing a probationary officers final appraisal before permanent appointment and having seen 'warning signs' and despite trying unsuccessfully to eradicate them have recommended to those above that the individual isn't appointed and their service terminated, that the recommendation is totally ignored, only to find in the years ahead one's misgivings were totally validated. There are a number of warnings signs experienced supervisors pick up on, sadly it is all too often the case that the further up the greasy pole some climb the more infallible they believe they are rather than the truth which is the more blind, out of touch and arrogant they become.

Anonymous (23/01/23 @ 15:30)

I welcome such checks. However, have Police Scotland or the PSNI indicated they will do the same. Given the recruitment bias which ran in Northern Ireland, is this something the PSNI have the appetite to exact.

Anthony (23/01/23 @ 17:43)

Softly Softly: You are not alone. My evidence was overruled, as we apparently needed ethnic minorities.

Softly Softly (24/01/23 @ 04:17)

@Anthony I would never allow ethnicity or any other factor than a person's suitability enter into me thinking, but nowadays there is a very real danger in the quest for social engineering (aka Diversity/Inclusivity) by senior officers that thier decisions are swayed by such considerations.

Charlie D1mock (26/01/23 @ 19:18)

As the victim of an attack and rape in October 1999 and still waiting for Lincolnshire Police to investigate ( they did not even bother to file my statement), l have included the link for this article into todays communication to Police Professional Standards at Lincolnshire Police. l already have two rulings in my favour from what was the IPCC and the legal advice l was directed to seek in 2012/2014 is still being ignored to present day. As a disabled person with limited mobility l have been locked in rooms with lone male officers and received threats on many occasions. The dominence of women , especially small disabled women , needs exposing , and if that means outing of them from their roles within Police Forces , then let it happen !

Annoymous. (27/01/23 @ 13:22)

Some of the most dishonest cops I met were in PSD when I were in the jobs.

Annoymous. (27/01/23 @ 14:03)

Some of the most dishonest cops I met were in PSD when I were in the jobs. I am so happy I retired.

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