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Stalking super-complaint “eligible to be investigated”

Anonanon (26/01/23 @ 16:48)

I can bullet point the end result of the investigation now. Finding Police aren't providing enough resources or time investigating stalking. Reason Shortage of staff/resources available to deal effectively with the problem (hindered immensely by the mission creep of covering the a**e of the other partner agencies out there) You can cut and paste that against any other super complaint that comes our way and sadly it looks like it will never change.

ASG (27/01/23 @ 08:10)

It’s easy, when as a pressure group, your focus is on a single issue, in this case stalking offences against women to forget the police deal with thousands of other issues no less important 5han the super complainants issue.

Jensen2021 (30/01/23 @ 09:15)

They also don’t see the other side of fence. (Yes, there of course stalking reports that have been dealt with poorly by the police) but also many things that get crimed as stalking that really aren’t, or malicious reports by aggrieved ex - partners. Until they see and understand the reality of what police really deal with, they’re not really in a position to fully comment

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