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PFNI Fed Chair: “tasers should be issued as standard”

Mike Hunt (01/02/23 @ 15:28)

I think I would rather get stabbed than accused of excessive force. At least then if you survive, you might get some sympathy. Cos no one will support you if you exercise poor judgement in the heat of an incident and end up tasing someone whom the hindsight brigade later judge as non threatening

blues & twos (01/02/23 @ 17:48)

Far better to have the equipment and never use it, than to be left wanting like those poor officer. Taser should be standard issue in all UK forces.

Tangi (02/02/23 @ 11:35)

Tazer is not the great system it is portrayed as. When it works as advertised yes, but there are many times it does not. If someone is trying to murder you a firearm is the correct and only response. When it's your life or theres then you want something that will work first time. Yes you will be investigated but this is better than half a morning with the undertaker.

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