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Hertfordshire’s community engagement platform praised

Anonanon (02/02/23 @ 13:20)

I am sure HMIC and HERTS will come away from that assessment feeling a little better about themselves ...but really? They are lauded for creating a 'platform' which basically comes to the conclusion that MoP feel safer with extra police patrols and better maintenance of lighting in public places. The No S Sherlock expression comes to mind. Then we have the scrutiny of stop and search. Reading through that I cant think of a better way of disincentivising officers from putting hands in pockets. I would like to see the HERTS stop and search figures before and after the introduction of the mini industry of basically touting for complaints.

Softly Softly (03/02/23 @ 09:18)

Yet another article photograph with a not too well hidden message (spot the odd one out).

Cambridge1947 (03/02/23 @ 18:13)

So basically Herts has introduced a system for leaving messages. My goodness, how innovative, and well worth the investment of thousands of pounds of public money. Might I suggest that in future Herts just goes to W H Smith and buys some Basildon Bond notepaper instead. Still, I'm sure it's on someone's promotion portfolio.

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